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Welcome to our website. We hope that the offer included, fully will meet your expectations and encourage you, to take part in sailing adventure .

Each year we try to find new ways, to bring you Greece even closer and get to know it better and better. In the coming season, the answer is the availability of Yachts from Dodecanese islands, specifically Rhodes. The island is an interesting choice, because of its location, which will allow you to visit the Turkish coast and because there is easy access - direct charter flights from many European cities. We recommend this region especially to people who are planning a holiday at the beginning or end of the season (April, November), due to the temperature of 4 degrees in relation to Athens. We can help with information and formalities which are necessary to be completed entering Turkish waters.

This year we tried to make our offer even more attractive, so please don’t hesitate to take advantage of her.

Since each Yacht, we know personally, we are able to answer all questions and, if necessary, advise the appropriate yacht. We have a great knowledge of Greek waters and the conditions prevailing there, so feel free to ask questions. We guarantee that chartering a yacht is a very simple operation.

In addition, we organize transfer from airport, hotel, and assistance in purchasing.

Please note that our office is located in Athens, so personally supervise conduct of the charters.


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Proposed Athens-Athens route. 2 weeks
Approximate length of 393 nm.

These figures between the names of the municipality, means the approximate distance between them given in Mm

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